Gomad 4×4’s range of canopies are tailored to suit everyone’s needs. If the specs below does not suit you, contact us and we can alter them to fulfill your needs.

Canopies are specified as a Standard or Executive.

Single or extra cab canopies come standard with two doors per side with two locks per door.

Double cab canopies have one full door per side with three locks per door.

All canopies have a full width rear door with two locks.

A Standard Canopy includes:

  • Checkered plate aluminium for doors and roof
  • Slider window at the front against the cab
  • Solid glass window in the rear door
  • Frame spray-painted black or white

An Executive Canopy includes all of the above, with the addition of doors and frames being colour coded to the vehicle or to your request, as well as smooth aluminium for the doors.

PRICE LIST (all prices including VAT – subject to change – only canopy included in price, fitment of R950 and roof racks etc. not included)


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Double Cab Standard R 16 995 (Toyota Land Cruiser – R 18 995)

Canopy (8)


Double Executive R 20 995 (Toyota Land Cruiser – R 21 995)

Canopy (36)

Extra Cab Standard R 17 995



Extra Cab Executive R 21 995

Canopy (12)

Single Cab Standard R 18 995 (Toyota Land Cruiser – R 20 995)

Canopy (23)

Single Cab Executive R 23 995 (Toyota Land Cruiser – R 24 995)

Canopy (47)


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